About Our Company

ConsoleFix was established in 2018 as a side gig to earn extra revenue. Armed with just a soldering iron and a love of electronics, we started repairing Xbox One controllers for friends and family. Friends and family quickly became friends of friends and eventually the wider public. At the time repairing controllers was mainly just as a hobby, until we realized we were getting pretty good at other devices too. In mid-2019 we started buying faulty consoles, repairing them and reselling them. This allowed us to make more money, and ultimately buy more equipment to perform better repairs.

Enter the global pandemic… The Covid-19 pandemic was a crucial turning point for ConsoleFix. Children were stuck at home, parents couldn’t go to work. It was at this point we decided we were going to take it a little more seriously. We started documenting our repairs on YouTube which ultimately led to more business. Consoles were being used more often, and breaking more often at the same time due to extended use. At this time with no retail businesses open, the only option customers’ had was to mail in repairs. After seeing our work, they knew they could trust us.

From mid-2020 to mid-2021, we’ve amassed a following of over 60,000 people on YouTube. We’ve made it our goal to try as hard as we can to fix whatever we can, and teach people along the way.


Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple. We love to fix things, and we love to teach others along the way. We’re firm believers of open knowledge. Information should be free, which is why we dedicate every single day to filming and documenting some of the most complex and interesting repairs we come across.

From HDMI ports to liquid damage, lightening strikes to fire damage, we’ve literally seen it all. We do not give up until the device takes its’ last breath.

We’ll fix it, or we’ll fall asleep trying…

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