We're happy to provide our viewers, customers and the general public with some of the resources we use to make our job easier. Here you'll find a list of resources to download completely free.

Repair Sheet Checklists:

These checklists will help you to perform after-repair checks to ensure you fully test devices before they go back to your customer or before you resell the device. We've found over the past few years that by using a predefined checklist you can reduce warranty returns by up to 80%. A checklist will make sure you don't miss any of the core functionality of the device and that also ensures the device is working as expected. You can download these for free in PDF or PSD format (if you wish to customize them or change the logo).

Click Here To Download Our Repair Checklists For Free

We can customize these checklists for you for a fee. Get in touch if this is a service you require.


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