It's finally coming! A lot of people have been asking me over the past two years to provide private tutoring. Providing this type of service is difficult, especially since I have a worldwide audience. Right now time is in short supply, so bookings will be very limited. You must be flexible and work with me to find times which will suit everyone. Tutoring can be done quite cheap via a private Discord video call, or I can travel to you and spend a full 8 hours with you, in person.

We can either arrange:

  • Time allocated private tutoring online.This can be in 1, 2, 4 or 8 hour blocks (with a 20 minute break for 4 hour slots, or 45 minute break for 8 hour slots) or
  • In person private tutoring. This will be for full days only (8 hours).

What I can do for you:

  • Create a tailored lesson based on your specific needs.
  • Help walk through fault finding processes for a specific problem you're having.
  • Provide tips and tricks on soldering, fault finding etc.
  • Provide help purchasing and setting up equipment
  • Provide help with setting up your repair business

I can not make any guarantees that you will be successful in fixing a specific fault on a specific device with my guidance. All I can do is help walk through how I would tackle that specific issue. If you need private help with a specific fault and you're unsure if my services are right for you, get in touch with me first.

Tools and supplies:

At this moment in time I do not have a full spare set of equipment to hire. This will be an option in the near future. I do plan to purchase a full set of equipment (soldering irons, microscopes, hot air station etc) which I can bring with me to in person classes. This will be available for hire @ £75.00 for a full kit (per day). I will update this page when this service is available.

Pricing structure:

Online tutoring will always be cheaper because there are a lot less costs involved. If you want a hands on experience, I will have to consider losing a full day of work, so that along with travel costs will affect the cost of this service. All distances for in person tutoring is calculated from Wolverhampton City Center and all prices are in British Pounds.

Online fees:

1 Hour: £60.00

2 Hours: £100.00

4 Hours: £175.00

8 Hours: £300.00

In person fees:

Up to 50 miles travel: £450.00

Up to 200 miles travel: £550.00

Anything over 200 miles: £650.00

Please note that costs are higher for in person tutoring because I have to account for a lot of different things, such as business car insurance, wear and tear on my car, travel time, fuel etc. I will not travel overseas or to Isle Of Man, Ireland or Northern Ireland. This is strictly England, Scotland and Wales only. Online services are worldwide.

What I expect from you:

  • Be respectful of my time. I'm there to help, but I'm not there to have my time wasted.
  • Understand that I cannot cater to every request. If you're unsure if I can, ask first!
  • Understand that I'm not a magician. We all have limitations and I don't know everything.
  • Be flexible. I'm not available every day, and I have a busy schedule. I will always try to cater to your specific needs, but you may need to compromise.
  • Have any tools and supplies ready (until such time when I have those for hire).
  • Be prepared! If you prefer to do things in person, this will be at either your house, or somewhere you can go near to you. I will not give out my personal address so you can come to me.

Payment terms:

Payment is to be made in full before any services are rendered. A 25% deposit will be required when booking to ensure my time is not wasted. This deposit is non refundable. This deposit will also cover my travel costs and travel time, just in case. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash (bank transfer or card only for deposits).

How to book my services:

Open a support ticket and we can get the ball rolling. Remember that I can't cater to every request, and I don't know how much demand there will be for my services.

For businesses:

If you or your staff require training, I can offer that service too. This will be a negotiable price depending on how long you require my services and how many staff you have. Get in touch and we can talk.

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