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PS5 NOR Modifier v1.0.0.0 Released!

The PS5 NOR Modifier by TheCod3r allows you to modify your PS5 NOR file to convert between digital and disc editions to save your PS5 when your disc drive fails, or when no disc drive is available.

Using this free software, you can bring your console back from the grave by converting a disc edition to a digital edition, as well as changing the serial number and reported variant in order to replace your SPI flash rom when it dies! This is particularly useful when you either don't have a matching disc drive, by converting from a disc to a digital edition in order to allow future updates (restoring online functionality by keeping your PS5 up to date). If your SPI flash rom dies (very common) you can now modify the dump from another console and retain disc drive functionality. You no longer need to convert to a digital version when your SPI flash rom dies!


This software is completely free to use and redistribute. You are free to share this software anywhere or use it in a commercial environment. If you do find this software useful, I'm happy to take donations. You can donate to me by clicking here.


  • Read reported BIOS dump serial number, reported version (disc or digital) and board variant (CFI-XXX model).
  • Change the serial number which is reported in the BIOS dump.
  • Change between disc and digital versions.
  • Change board variant.
  • One click processing, no need for experience in command line or any HEX editing skills.
  • Fast, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Standalone application, no installation required.
  • Fully portable. Carry the application on a USB drive and run instantly.

Please be aware that this is not a hacking tool. This software is designed to assist in repairs only. You can not circumvent your console security using this software. It will not remove PSN or console bans. It will not allow you to exploit your console and it will not allow you to create a disc edition console if your console was originally a digital edition. This tool is not for the hacking scene. I do not support the console hacking scene in any way, shape or form. Sony are free to contact me if they wish to analyze my code.

This application has been written in C# .NET and works on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. This app should also work on virtual machines and Linux using Wine. This hasn't been confirmed yet (maybe someone from the community can confirm this.

System requirements are very minimal. All you need is 900KB of free space, and .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime will need to be installed, but if this isn't installed you'll get prompted to download it before the application runs (.NET Runtime is free from Microsoft).


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Virus warnings:

You may receive a false positive for viruses or malware depending on the software you're using. I've scanned this software using VirusTotal which you can use against your own comparisons and make up your own mind. If you do receive a false positive, it's probably because the software is modifying hex or because the app is not signed.

VirusTotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/67405adfd920208a9e6131617ada575ed7f9afa971346ac1ad40a397e05a1097

MD5: d9122755130541bf32ffcea512a2bac3

SHA-1: b2691517cdb25c7393928cea1b64944d920bdef4

SHA-256: 67405adfd920208a9e6131617ada575ed7f9afa971346ac1ad40a397e05a1097